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About Avad ACF

Avad Adventist Christian Fellowship (Avad ACF) is a vibrant community open to all students of the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM). Our mission is to create opportunities for the UTM community to build a relationship with God and experience growth in all aspects of life.

We have served and continue to serve students, staff, faculty, and alumni of the UTM community.

Our Approach

Our Approach to Holistic Growth

Our approach to holistic growth is all about nurturing these aspects of our friendships, fostering a community that grows together in faith, health, character, and care.

Friends that pray for each other

We provide regular prayer meetings where members can come together to seek God’s guidance and support one another.

Friends that study the Word of God together

Our Bible studies encourage deep open minded discussions and exploration of spiritual truths resulting in freedom of thought and action, and discovery of absolute truth.

Friends that build Godly character together

Character is only thing we truly have. We encourage each other to express unconditional love to God and to the person next to us. Love never fails.

Friends that build healthy lifestyles together

Health is indeed our most precious asset. We each have one body, our sole vehicle through life. The journey towards wellness becomes effortless when we’re surrounded by friends who value and practice a healthy lifestyle.

Friends that care for each other

We care for each other, creating a community that goes beyond friendship. We’re not just friends, we’re family.

Our Story

About Avad ACF

The videos above and below share stories of Oscar and Gideon respectively and their experience in Avad ACF.
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